Frequent questions

I still have the wound, scab and / or stitches, can I do something to make the mark least visible?

Is it necessary to be careful with the scar and the sun?

How can I protect my scar from the sun?

When should I start treating the scar?

I have been recommended to rehabilitate the scar with massages. How should I do it?

Can I peel off the scab to heal faster?

I feel a lot of itching in the scar, is it normal?

2, 3, 4, 6 months have passed and my scar is still reddish or pink, is it normal?

I have a lump / I notice a bulge in the scar, can I do something?

What is an atrophic scar?

There is a slope down in the scar, like a depression, as if the skin had joined at a different level.

The scar has been left in the shape of a little hole, a hole inwards, will it close?

My child has a scratch / gap / stitched wound on his face.

I feel tension in the scar and it hurts ... I have been like this for several weeks or months

I had surgery on the appendix a month ago, the scar is red but it is sinking. I would like to know what I can do so that it does not stay like this.


Reading the skin

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