Are there "plasters" to heal scars?

You may have heard of scar plasters to heal skin. We tell you below how they work.

Scars originate as a result of an injury. There are different types of wounds but when the skin fibres break and the edges separate, a scar will inevitably appear.

There are also different types of scars. Type of wound that causes the scar, its location and the person's skin type can affect the healing process. Sometimes we can’t avoid some wounds, nor can we change the type of skin we have, but we can intervene so that the scar is as small as possible and better and faster skin regeneration takes place.

What to do when we have an injury?

The first thing we should do - in the early stages of healing, when the wound is still fresh, is keep it well cleaned so it doesn’t get infected. Apart from the medical complications that can arise, the infection slows down the healing process and leads to larger, more prominent scars.

In the next phase, we have a very useful resource, which many people know as "bandages" which help to heal scars. Introducing: Trofolastín patches, these "plasters" are tailored to the wound surface, help reduce scars in a few weeks, and protect wounds from the sun and exposure to other environmental factors.

There are many myths surrounding injuries. One of them states that wounds must heal in the open air - Nothing is further from the truth. A covered wound, especially with a porous material that creates a moist microclimate on the skin, heals better. Along with keeping it protected against ultraviolet radiation from the sun, it’s also beneficial for skin regeneration and to avoid pigmentation of scars, which can be unsightly and last for many months.

The Trofolastín patches (or bandages for scars 😉) can be cut to the ideal size and remain fixed on the skin with great adherence and adaptability for 7 days. After cleaning and drying the area well, the patch is applied over the scar, without generating folds or poorly adhered areas. One trick is to keep the edges of the patch rounded so the corners won't lift up easily. They’re so comfortable to wear – you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing one.