Scars in children

But do children have scars?

Yes! In reality, normal childhood accidents can result in the occurrence of scars. As their skin has to last "a lifetime", proper care of wounds and scars will affect the condition, the functionality and aesthetics of the skin for years to come.

Why do scars occur in childhood?

The most common cause of scars in childhood is by incised wounds. These wounds usually occur as bruises, bumps, cuts or tears, which take place during play and sports activities. Children are more accident-prone than adults because they are exploring the world. It’s rare for a child to get through childhood without some kind of "war wound" that meant a visit to the doctor or hospital.

It's quite common for these wounds to occur on the face - especially on the forehead or chin - or in exposed areas of the body, meaning that scars and their aesthetic repercussions can sometimes be significant.

In addition to the above types of scars in children, we also find secondary scars caused by surgical processes.

How can we treat scars in children?

In the first phase, the most important thing is to properly heal the wound to avoid infections which can cause longer term damage. To help reduce scarring in children, the same type of care is needed. Skin patches, usually give very good results. Patches are not recommended for babies and children under 3 years of age, due to choking hazard if the patches are removed.

Did you know that young skin has more potential to heal and regenerate? Although we will not be able to make the scar disappear, good care over time, will help with the functional and aesthetic results.

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