Are all scar creams the same?

The use of products formulated for use on scars, aims to improve the final result of the injured area, from both a functional and aesthetic point of view.

The main options are patches, creams or oils applied directly on the scar. The patch is an excellent option because its placement on the scar remains uninterrupted for several days, facilitating the regeneration of the healthy skin tissue.

Benefits of using scar creams

We can use creams that, with their active ingredients, achieve a series of benefits such as:

  • Accelerate healing and promote skin regeneration with the synthesis of substances such as collagen, elastin or glycosaminoglycans.
  • They provide antioxidant substances, which counteract the free radicals that the wound has produced.
  • They reduce inflammatory signs and can soothe some symptoms such as itching and associated discomfort.
  • They moisten the scar, keeping the wound and surrounding skin hydrated, avoiding dehydration that can affect regeneration.
  • The use of creams generates a layer that protects against pollutants and friction.
  • Using them properly with antiseptics, can prevent skin infection and related complications.

How to use the scar cream?

Scar creams should be applied to clean, dry skin. Early application is recommended once the wound is already closed. Never apply to an open wound. Consistent use is important to allow skin to benefit from the positive effects of its application.

The application should be done by massaging a small amount on the scar. Massage also helps skin regeneration. That little moment of self-care is necessary and can be repeated between 2 to 3 times a day.

Large amounts of product are not usually necessary, a pea size amount is enough. In uncovered areas, it is important to use sunscreen to avoid the exposure of the wound to the sun.

As we outlined at the beginning of the post, the patches perform the same functions as creams or oils. We can forget about the scar for a few days while the patches continuously perform their functions - both restoring and protecting your skin. They’re a very useful and convenient alternative, with people preferring to use them for their ease of use and good results.

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