Prevents and reduces the formation of stretch marks in pregnancy, teenagers, weight loss and athletes. Indicated for any type of trophic skin problem. Trofolastin Anti-Stretch Marks reduces the formation of stretch marks by up to 89%.* Its ingredients include Centella asiatica, which helps prevent the formation of stretch marks.

Postpartum Firming

Firms, restructures and renews the skin to help restore its shape.
Indicated for skin flaccidity and decreased skin tone as a result of pregnancy, menopause, rapid weight loss, or other circumstances.

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Breast Cream

Prevents the appearance of stretch marks. Tightens, firms and restructures the skin and restores skin tone during pregnancy and postpartum with the help of Centella asiatica and fibronectin.

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Anti-Stretch Marks Cream

Promotes elasticity. Prevents and reduces the formation of stretch marks. Hypoallergenic. With triterpenes from Centella asiatica.

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Reading the skin

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