How to remove stretch marks? Find out the main trick.

Stretch marks that appear on the skin are the consequence of a break in the skin fibres, due to a stretching that has occurred in a short time, compromising skin elasticity.

If we are honest about "How to eliminate stretch marks?", unfortunately we have to say that once they have occurred, stretch marks cannot be removed as they are small scars on the skin. Treatments aim at improving the skin through tissue regeneration, thereby making 0 stretch marks less visible. It is important to know that, with the passage of time, they change colour and go from the pink or purplish colour at the beginning to a pearly whitish colour, which is usually more "discreet" although this will depend on the tone of your skin.


So… what's the catch?

So the best trick we can give you on how to eliminate stretch marks is…. Prevention! And here we do have good news: the application of Trofolastin Anti-Stretch Mark Cream on a regular basis reduces the probability of it appearance by up to 89%! There are situations in which you know that there will be a change in the volume or weight and that the skin will have to stretch: puberty, pregnancy or changes associated with sports are some of the most common situations.

Applying the anti-stretch mark cream twice a day and massaging the area for a few minutes, will give you surprising results, and help you avoid becoming one of the number of people who suffer with stretch marks.

Once they have appeared, maintaining the hydration routines will facilitate the regeneration of elastin and collagen fibres and in this way, and they will be less evident.

Home remedies based on the application of some products such as lemon or sugar do not have scientific evidence and are not proven to help you solve the problem.

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