Changes in the skin and appearance of stretch marks in pregnancy

Pregnancy causes changes in the woman's skin, hair and nails, mainly due to hormonal activity, and also due to the stretching that the skin must do to allow the baby to grow.

Nails and hair tend to grow faster and stronger.

There are three phenomena in the skin related to hormonal changes that affect some pregnant women:

  • Melasma, chloasma or "mask of pregnancy": They are brown or yellowish spots around the eyes, and on the cheeks
  • Alba line: It is a fibrous structure that runs through the belly from the navel to the pubis.
  • Pigmentation increase of some areas such as the breast areola by stimulation of melanin.


Stretch Marks in Pregnancy

However, one of the most frequent changes in the skin of a pregnant woman is stretch marks. The appearance of stretch marks in pregnancy does not occur in all women but it is very common. Its appearance will depend on the type of skin and its elasticity, its own genetic factors and the care of the skin at this time of the woman's life.

Stretch marks in pregnancy are due to a phenomenon of stretching of the skin that causes breakage of skin fibres. They occur mainly in the abdomen and lower body (buttocks and hips) as the baby grows. The skin needs to stretch to allow for foetal growth. Stretch marks appear on the breasts as they enlarge in preparation for breastfeeding.

Although weight gain is necessary for the baby to form and grow, avoiding excessive weight gain prevents stretch marks. In the same way, applying a moisturizing and repairing formula on a daily and constant basis, whilst massaging the skin well, will help the skin to remain without stretch marks throughout the pregnancy.

Stretch marks are initially dark, brown or purplish in colour. Over time they acquire a pearly white colour. Although we have products to treat and reduce them, once they have appeared, they cannot be completely eliminated. So the best tool is the prevention of stretch marks from early stages of pregnancy.

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