Prevent Stretch marks in 3 steps (daily routine)

Stretch marks appear as a result of a stretching of the skin due to an increase in body volume. They can appear in different areas and at different times in our lives. Although they can appear in men and women, they are more frequent in the latter due to hormonal influence and because there are physiological processes, such as pregnancy, that are typical of the female body.

The appearance of stretch marks is extremely frequent, but the good news is that they can be prevented in almost circumstances, if we start preventive routines when we are aware that body is changing.

In the case of pregnancy, its best to start taking care of your skin from the moment you know you are pregnant. Likewise, if you are going to start training to develop your muscles, you can also start prevention routines from day one. During puberty, it’s also recommended to start the application of anti-stretch treatments from time age changes are emerging. This early application is the best guarantee to avoid the appearance of stretch marks.


Daily stretch mark prevention routine

With 3 simple steps it is possible to prevent the appearance of stretch marks

  1. The first step is the need to be consistent in the application of Trofolastín Anti-stretch marks, and it is important to apply daily, ideally twice a day.
  2. Preparing the skin by having a shower or bath on one of the two occasions you apply each day, will improve absorption. The heat will dilate blood vessels of the skin, which will be well irrigated and will have better capability to absorb the cream. By using a gentle exfoliant or light massage during your shower, to the area you intend to treat, will also improve absorption.
  3. Finally, apply Trofolastín Anti-stretch marks. Use the right amount of product for the area to be treated, such as the chest, buttocks or hips, so that the area can be completely covered. Apply the cream in circular movements to help its penetration. If you see that it absorbs too quickly or your skin is especially dry, you can repeat the application.

This moment of self-care will become a very special moment every day!

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