How to choose a good anti-stretch mark cream?

Anti-stretch mark creams are used to prevent and treat stretch marks, at times in life when the skin is going to be stretched, such as during puberty or pregnancy.

The creams are moisturising, stimulate skin cells to form new tissue and regenerate and provide nutrients to the skin layers.


Criteria for choosing the best anti-stretch mark cream

To choose a good anti-stretch mark cream, we recommend taking into account a number of criteria:

  • The ingredients and their concentration. The ingredients that have the most evidence in the treatment and prevention of stretch marks are gotu kola and rosehip oil. Gotu kola is perhaps the most effective. It comes from an herbaceous climbing plant with thin stems and pink or white flowers. Its natural habitat is humid and dimly lit areas. It is native to Sri Lanka, Madagascar and some areas of South Africa. It was used since ancient times in traditional oriental medicine for the healing of wounds.

Some ingredients such as vitamin A or retinoid, widely used in cosmetics, should be avoided during pregnancy or lactation, due to the possibility that they are absorbed and harm the baby.

  • Hypoallergenic formula. The use of hypoallergenic cosmetic elements gives it a safer profile. Its important to take this into account especially with sensitive skin or during pregnancy.
  • Firming capacity. Sometimes the appearance of stretch marks is combined with the flaccidity of the tissues. Formulas that contain antioxidant products and that enhance elasticity, usually help in these cases.
  • Texture and speed of absorption. The degree of oiliness and how quickly it is absorbed should also be considered, especially at certain times of the year such as summer.
  • Smell. It is a very personal aspect, but a pleasant smell can be a deciding factor when choosing any cosmetic product. During pregnancy, there is also a greater sensitivity to smells, which can make some products quite repelling. 
  • Scientific evidence. Not all creams are the same. Even if you like its smell, its texture, its absorption or its price suits you, if they do not serve the purpose you are looking for, it does not make much sense to use it.


Trofolastin Anti-Stretch Marks

A formula that contains gotu kola, which is hypoallergenic, is ideal for a sensitive skin. Not oily and easily absorbed, it has been used over may years, with evidence to show reduction and prevention of stretch marks at any time in life.

It’s firming, antioxidant composition stimulates the dermis and enhances skin elasticity, reducing stretch marks by 89% and firming the skin.

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