Tattoos and stretch marks

Tattoos are drawings or texts that are made on the skin by injecting ink or other permanent substances. It’s a growing trend, which people come to for different reasons. Many times it is with the intention of recording a memory or circumstance on the skin and other times there is an aesthetic motivation, while sometimes a tattoo will serve to hide wounds or skin blemishes.


Can you get a tattoo on a stretch mark?

Tattoos can be done over stretch marks. Sometimes they are done on purpose over that area with the aim of "eliminating" them or making them less visible.

Not all dermatologists will agree to tattoo a stretch mark, since stretch marks are actually scar tissue and pigments are more likely to trigger unwanted reactions.

If you want to tattoo on a stretch mark, they should be “mature” stretch marks, more than a year old and have the whitish or pearly colour that it acquires over time. Pink or purple stretch marks are recent and the skin is in an active inflammatory process, so they should not be tattooed at that time.

We must also consider the width and depth of a groove since there will be a greater risk of the drawing being blurred or changing colour.

Stretch mark tattoos usually take more time to perform, as the skin has different characteristics and the surrounding area often has greater sensitivity.


Stretch mark repair tattoos

Tattooed drawings on stretch marks can help disguise their presence. There are also tattoos that are made directly on the stretch marks with the intention of modifying their coloration so that it more closely resembles the colour of the rest of the skin. In this way, the tattoo will not be a drawing on the skin but a direct staining of the stretch mark.

In any case, we recommend that you go to professionals who are experts in tattoos on stretch marks, and if any doubt, make a consultation with your dermatologist to advise you on the best time or conditions to take into account, for best results.

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